Tips on Turf and Soil Management

In turf management it is crucial to understand the science behind what is happening within your soil profile. To provide a healthy stand of turf we need to start with a soil test, tissue test and a brief introduction to the nutrients purpose. You will then be able to choose the best fertilizer analysis for […]

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Updates from this year’s Golf Industry and Sports Turf Management Association Shows

One of the biggest concerns, still continues to be water management. At this year’s, Golf Industry and Sports Turf Managers Association shows, one of the biggest concerns with professional turf managers still, continues to be water management.  Now, we’re not necessarily talking drought, but managing soil moisture is the main concern.  Compared to previous years, […]

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Seeding Techniques For a Healthier Golf Course

Written by Arborjet’s Turf, Ornamental, and Golf Specialist, Kevin Lewis   Turfgrasses play a larger role in everyday life than many people realize. “I asked the waiter, ‘Is this milk fresh?’ He said. ‘Lady three hours ago it was grass.’” Phyllis Diller Established stands of grasses benefit the environment in multiple ways including purification of air, water runoff […]

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