Innovative plant health and sustainability are at the root of everything we do.

Two decades ago, Arborjet took on the mission to protect and preserve the planet’s trees using an innovative method that would have the least environmental impact. This has allowed us to save over one million trees from pests and disease.

We are also proud to provide leading-edge products for water conservation, which have proven to reduce watering requirements on turf and landscapes by as much as 50%! 

Arborjet continues to revolutionize how trees are treated – using its patented injection technology, nothing is placed into the soil or the air. We are committed to saving trees, and to preserving the environment. Trees help reduce the impact of climate change by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and by absorbing stormwater runoff, while providing many other important environmental and economic benefits.

We continually participate in programs to help save our country’s trees and landscapes.

We’re also doing our part in-house, using recyclable materials on all our printed collateral. We have two fully operational greenhouses onsite, large working outdoor gardens as well as stands of trees, flowers and shrubs for testing.

Employees repurpose their food waste to use as compost to help fertilize the gardens, where they grow a vast array of vegetables. Plants are not only used for testing, but also for consumption, everything from herbs, a variety of tomato plants, even hops to make beer! We also generate nearly 200,000 kWh of solar annually and have reconstructed our office and warehouse with LED lighting, low flush toilets and new gas operated heating systems.

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We Continually Strive to Do Our Part for the Environment

We look forward to working with our customers worldwide as we continue our pursuit to be leaders in environmental stewardship: to protect trees, to reduce overall water usage, and to provide products with people and planet in mind.