Arborplugs, a cutting edge technology in tree injection, backed by 10 years of research and development are today’s most precise, effective, and environmentally friendly innovation for tree pest control.

Arborplugs are used once, and stay inside the tree to protect the tree from infection. The tree will grow over the Arborplugs in 1-2 years.

#4 Arborplugs 3/8” for conifer and medium to large trees

#3 Arborplugs 9/32” for small to medium deciduous trees


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arborplugs #4 and #3

Arborplug Benefits

  • The self sealing septum prevents product leakage.
  • Tight seal in the tree.
  • Accurate pressure sustained throughout the injection process.
  • Prevents lost or wasted product.
  • Minimizes the number of injection sites.
  • “Closed” injection sites limits wounding, speeds healing, inhibits decay or infection from entering site.

Does Drilling Hurt My Tree?

No. We all know when humans need surgery, the surgical process leads to a cure or a healing, and benefits far outweigh the injury. Arborjet’s Arborplug Technology minimizes the impact sealing the site from insects and inhibiting decay. The small Arborplug also provides a shoulder for new xylem and bark to grow over usually in 9-12 months. For hundreds of years, there  have been thousands of trees that are drilled with much larger holes  for maple sugaring and others used routinely in nurseries for transporting newly sold trees.

Why Do I Need to Drill?

Formulations need to be injected into the tree’s xylem (white tissue). The Xylem transports the formulation throughout the tree. Don’t be fooled by cambium injections, since the cambium does not transport formulations. The cambium is also a sensitive part of the tree which is responsible for new growth of bark and xylem tissue.


We have evaluated wounds from hundreds of trees to assure we protect tree health. The studies confirm there are no long term health effects for the tree.

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Wound Closure Over Plug