Disease Control


Water soluble systemic antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial infections of trees and palms.

Eco-1 40

    Broad-spectrum insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. For control of insects, mites, and fungal diseases on fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. • Botanical Formulation • Made from ingredients for use on food crops • Safe for People & Pets when used as directed • No re-entry or preharvest interval Ingredients: Linseed Oil: 31.00% Rosemary Oil: 8.00% […]

Eco-1 Fruit & Vegetable Spray

Botanical insect, mite and disease control, derived from plant oils and extracts.

Eco-1 Garden Spray
Eco-1 Garden Spray

Organic insect, mite and disease control, derived from plant oils.


Systemic fungicide and plant resistance activator for the suppression of various plant diseases


Systemic fungicide for trunk injection or spray application on trees, grasses, shrubs and flowers.