The patent pending Arborplug is a technological advancement in trunk injection and a key component of the Arborjet injection methodology.

#3 Arborplug 9/32″ Pack of 100 – (070-0150)
#4 Arborplug 3/8″ Pack of 100 – (070-0156)

Arborplugs Sales Sheet

  • Product Details

      #3 Arborplug 9/32″
      Recommended for: Small to medium deciduous trees.

      #4 Arborplug 3/8″
      Recommended for: Conifer and medium to large trees.

      Advantages of the Arborplug:

      • Facilitates high volumes of medicament delivery directly to the xylem tissue of the tree.
      • Arborplug’s tight seal in the tree enables pressure to be sustained throughout injection process, making delivery fast and consistent.
      • The self sealing surgical septum prevents product leakage and product “blow back.”
      • Prevents lost or wasted product.
      • Protects the surrounding environment and the applicator from unintended product contact.
      • Minimizes the number of injection sites and helps to inhibit infection.
      • “Closed” injection site limits wounding, speeds healing, inhibits decay or infection from entering site and prevents site from becoming vector for insects.