In order to keep your Arborjet equipment performing as smoothly as possible, troubleshooting and maintenance may be required.

Below are some of the most common issues you may encounter, as well as how to resolve them. The performance of your Arborjet equipment is important to us!

Equipment Troubleshooting

1. Call your distributor to ask for troubleshooting assistance.
2. If additional help is required, call your local Arborjet Representative, or 781-935-9070
3. Watch the below videos to help troubleshoot or rebuild.
4. Keep most common Replacement Parts on-hand for in-field basic repair

i. 070-2360 QUIK-jet AIR O-Ring Rebuild Kit
ii. 975-1122 QUIK-jet AIR Output Check Valve

iii. 070-2366 QUIK-jet AIR Inline Check Valve
iv. 030-2030 CLEAN-jet Liter

v. 3 in 1 Oil (White Silicone Lubricant)
vi. Lithium Grease (O-Ring Lubrication)

Rebuilding the QUIK-jet AIR

Troubleshooting QUIK-jet AIR (2020)

QUIK-jet AIR O-Ring Rebuild

Troubleshooting QUIK-jet AIR (2017)

Air Knife Valve Assembly Repair

Rebuilding the AccuFlo ISD

Can't find the information you are looking for?

For manuals, exploded views, and additional videos please visit each of the below equipment product pages.

Arborjet Rebuild Program – Service Fees May Apply

1. Email Arborjet Direct:
2. Please include the following information:

a. Company name and shipping address
b. Primary contact name and phone number

c. Equipment name and formulations used
d. Description of problem and when it was identified

e. Please include pictures of damaged parts
f. Registration number/date of purchase (if available)

3. Once this info is received, Arborjet will create a Case, and assign you an RMA Rebuild Number.
4. ONLY THEN – Ship the Equipment With the RMA Number ON THE LABEL (or written neatly by label).
5. Once the equipment is received, we will perform a diagnostic within 1-2 weeks and provide an estimate for the labor, parts, and return shipment.

*If you opt for Arborjet to send the equipment back without performing any repairs, you will be charged a $100 diagnostic fee and cost for the return shipment. Labor is billed hourly at $100. Outdated or old equipment may be subject to increased charges.

6. After the estimate has been accepted, we will take a credit card number for payment processing and provide an ETA for the return shipment.

Warranty Coverage

Registered equipment is warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase against defects in workmanship and materials. Be sure to register your equipment shortly after purchase!