Water Cost / Restrictions

In times of drought or low water availability, counties or municipalities may enact water restrictions in order to preserve water. This does not mean that lawns, gardens, or trees will be forced to suffer in poor health or become dried out for the season. A wide range of solutions exist that can be used as preventative measures before watering restrictions take place, or before plants begin to show signs of drought stress.


  • Common Symptoms
      • Curling/cupping of leaves
      • Leaf drop
      • Leaf discoloration
      • Needle discoloration
      • Needle drop
      • Needle droop
    • A soil drench or soil injection with various products will assist with longterm plant longevity. Hydretain should be the basis of your program, in either liquid (drench) or granular (spread) as it reduces watering by up to 50%. NutriRoot contains essential nutrients for roots and soils, and contains Hydretain to help with moisture management.

      Consider Shortstop 2SC in extreme conditions. This 22.3% paclobutrazol increases the growth of fine root hairs while limiting above ground vegetative growth, resulting in greater water and nutrient uptake through the roots. It also encourages the growth of thicker and waxier cuticles in leaves for less moisture loss.

      CytoGro and SeaXtra are both seaweed based products that contain cytokines and help plants tolerate abiotic stress such as heat and drought.

      Suggested Treatment Programs:

      • Hydretain plus ShortStop 2SC 
      • Hydretain plus CytoGro/SeaXtra
      • NutriRoot (2-2-3)
      • FourPlay


    When To Treat
    • When problems are observed and preventive treatment is needed.  Most mesic woody plants require 1 inch water per week. Make applications if there is no rain for 10 days. Treat with Hydretain before watering restrictions are put in place.

      It is best to apply Hydretain-based products in spring. Preventative treatments are generally preferred to reactive treatments, as some plant damage can be premanent or lead to the long-term decline of the plant.

      Hydretain and Shortstop 2SC together will provide double protection against moisture loss by converting more water vapor into plant usable liquid water and encouraging more root growth to absorb the water.


    What To Expect After Treatment
    • Short term recovery and long term regrowth. Monitor plants to see how long they need between waterings.