Taking Root Scholarship Program

Congratulations to our 2021 “Taking Root” College Scholarship Winners!

This year’s scholarship recipients plan to major in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Arboriculture at Penn State University Park, Entomology at Cornell and Plant Sciences at Michigan State.

Arborjet “Taking Root” College Scholarship Program

Now in its eighth consecutive year, the Arborjet scholarship program will award graduating high school seniors up to $10,000 in scholarship to pursue full-time studies in Forestry, Plant Sciences, Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Entomology or a related major at an accredited two or four-year college.

Arborjet is committed to providing students the financial support they need to achieve career paths in these industries. According to recent statistics, “When all landscaping services are included within the arboriculture industry, the total revenues generated are close to $80 billion,” and showing signs of continued growth. Tree care and industry professionals are employed nationwide by private companies, utilities, municipalities, universities and the federal government.

“We want parents, educators, counselors and the greater tree care community to join us in encouraging young students to transform their ingenuity and passion into a career in this important industry. Through Arborjet’s ‘Taking Root’ Scholarship Program, we recognize dedicated students who are already demonstrating achievement in their schools and communities, and who want to lend their skills and talents to grow our industry,” said Arborjet President and CEO Russ Davis.

Applicants for Arborjet’s 2021 Taking Root Scholarship Program must be a graduating U.S. high school senior planning to major in forestry or related major (listed above) for the entire 2021-22 academic year at an accredited two-or four-year college or university.

Application deadline is June 15th, 2021

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