Arborjet and Ecologel - Together - working for you!

We are two companies that formed a partnership in plant care. As premier developers and manufacturers of innovative products and solutions we are excited to be expanding the markets we serve. As a direct result, we are strengthening  our brand portfolios. Together, our partnership continues its mission of providing environmentally friendly solutions to serious issues from controlling invasive species to water conservation.

Tree and Landscape use - partnership


Trunk injection is not only the most environmentally friendly option in tree insect and disease control, its also the most effective. Arborjet’s trunk injection systems and formulations are proven to give the best results by injecting formulations directly into the trunk where they are quickly taken up by the vascular system and distributed throughout the tree. LEARN MORE >

Growing operations - partnership


Our Horticulture line of products for the novice gardener to the commercial grower and landscape professional provide natural and effective plant health solutions that are BioPrefered to OMRI listed. LEARN MORE >


Whether you’re dealing with drought, water restrictions, high water costs, dry spots or daily wilt cycles, we offer solutions to help you maintain healthy plants with less water. LEARN MORE >


Offering a broad range of advanced fertilization and soil remediation products for golf courses, sports turf, and other professionally managed landscape areas. LEARN MORE >