AccuFlo Flow Rate Meter




AccuFlo Drench Kit – (070-3000)

AccuFlo Device – (070-3050)

AccuFlo Drench Kit Bucket Assembly – (070-3055)

AccuFlo Sales Sheet

Knowing how much you’re spraying or drenching can be difficult. The AccuFlo Flow Rate Meter does all the math, making it easier than ever to get professional results without spending pro money.

Easy to use, and offering consistent, repeatable results, the AccuFlo represents a shift in the way we apply fluid nutrients, pesticides, and fungicides in the landscape.

Made from 3D printed carbon fiber, the AccuFlo is durable, but so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it. The AccuFlo works best on constant flow rate devices, so we recommend a battery pack sprayer for best results.

Why Use AccuFlo?

  • Saves time and money by eliminating waste and guesswork
  • Allows for multiple treatments made quickly and easily on different types and sizes of plants
  • Can be used to precisely apply fertilizers, moisture management solutions, plant growth regulators, or water soluble insecticides or fungicides
  • Product Details

      Kit Includes:

      1 AccuFlo device 070-3050
      1 USB charging cable
      1 Training manual
      1 4L Measuring pitcher
      1 500 mL Measuring pitcher
      1 Handheld pick axe
      1 Chapin 4-gallon 24v Backpack Sprayer System