TREE-äge R10

TREE-äge FAQ’s

When used with Arborjet’s scientifically advanced technology and equipment such as the QUIK-jet AIR®, field studies demonstrate that TREE-äge® R10 injects three times faster than generic brands and significantly reduces tree pest damage versus other tested products. This is particularly useful when injecting conifers and other diffuse porous trees that typically take more time to inject. […]

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Spruce Beetles on the Rampage, again.

Dendroctonus  (conifer) bark beetles are on the rampage again in the U.S.  In the late 90’s and early 00’s, southern pine beetle and mountain pine beetle each killed billions of pines in the southeastern U.S and western U.S and Canada, respectively.  In turn, western pine beetle killed millions of trees in California in the 10’s.   […]

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TREE-äge® R10: Continuing the TREE-äge Lecacy

“With its reduced injection time and proven results, R10 is the ideal product to enhance our customer’s productivity,” said Arborjet COO Russ Davis.   Here at Arborjet, Inc. we strive to revolutionize how trees are treated. TREE- äge®R10, is the newest addition to the effective line of TREE-äge products. R10 is designed with an increased […]

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