Anthracnose: What are the Symptoms and How to Treat It

Anthracnose – Description & Treatment Anthracnose (Leaf Blight) is a general term for foliar diseases caused by numerous species of fungi and affects a broad range of trees including ash, dogwood, maple, beech, birch, elm, linden, oak, sycamore and willow. Visible symptoms of the disease vary with species and host but most commonly, infected leaves […]

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Save Water. Improve fruit set and extend water access for dry farming.

Humectants when properly combined with other compounds, can condense water vapor into a droplet that is useable to the plant. Many people are familiar with the use of wetting agents designed to break surface tension and allow irrigation or rain water to penetrate the soil. They do a great job in this respect but they […]

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Fire Blight

It’s that time of year! We need to start planning our attack on that pesky bacteria that we are all too familiar with, Fire blight.  Though some seasons are worse than others, fire blight always seems to be found. But, there are some things that you can do to help suppress the symptoms of this […]

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