Conifer Bark Beetle

Everything You Wanted to Know About Conifers, but Were Afraid to Ask

Conifer, literally “cone-bearing”, a reference to a family of gymnosperm tree that reproduce by means of “naked seeds” (the literal meaning of gymnosperm).  You are no doubt familiar with a number of species, particularly common at this time of year, Balsam and Fraser firs are cut for Christmas trees.  We may think of conifers as […]

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Spruce Beetles on the Rampage, again.

Dendroctonus  (conifer) bark beetles are on the rampage again in the U.S.  In the late 90’s and early 00’s, southern pine beetle and mountain pine beetle each killed billions of pines in the southeastern U.S and western U.S and Canada, respectively.  In turn, western pine beetle killed millions of trees in California in the 10’s.   […]

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