TREE-äge FAQ’s

When used with Arborjet’s scientifically advanced technology and equipment such as the QUIK-jet AIR®, field studies demonstrate that TREE-äge® R10 injects three times faster than generic brands and significantly reduces tree pest damage versus other tested products. This is particularly useful when injecting conifers and other diffuse porous trees that typically take more time to inject. It can be used on trees grown in residential and commercial landscapes, golf courses, parks, municipal areas, and areas of greater environmental sensitivity.

Now that we have this exciting addition to the TREE-äge line, here’s an outline of some of the questions we’ve been hearing about TREE-äge R10, the Arborjet injection methodology, and more!


What’s the difference between the TREE-äge® products and other Emamectin Benzoate injectable products?

TREE-äge is the original emamectin benzoate formulation for tree injection. The product line has the most test and field application data compared to any
other generic product and has been used by arborists and municipalities to treat and save millions of trees over the last ten years. The generic products have copied the TREE-äge labels and attempted to copy the formulations, but they are different. Additionally, the TREE-äge family of products are the only ones labeled for Pine Bark Beetles.

Finally, TREE-äge R10 is 2.5 times more concentrated than anything on the market, reducing your treatment time significantly. Results show R10 to be 3 times faster on average and as much as 7-10 times faster on challenging trees and conifers.

What is the difference between TREE-äge G4 and TREE-äge R10?

The main difference is the higher concentration of TREE-äge R10. This allows for a significantly faster application because less than half the dose is needed. TREE-äge G4 is general use, while the R10 is restricted use, so a license is required to purchase R10 and additional record keeping may be required.

Will the new formulation last as long as the old formulation, and will the higher concentration pose additional risks to off target insects?

While the concentration in the TREE-äge R10 bottle is higher than the other TREE-äge products, the actual dose put into the tree is 40% of the standard 4% dose, so the actual volume of active ingredient in the tree is identical to our other formulations. Equally, the active ingredient is the exact same active ingredient used in all the TREE-äge formulations. Therefore, most labeled pests will be controlled for two years and there are no additional risks to off target insects.

Why is TREE-äge R10 a restricted use?

All insect controls are, by their nature, developed to control pests, so safety is always important. Some products require a bit more professional experience to use, and adherence to proper personal protection guidance. All pesticides, including TREE-äge must go through rigorous testing by the EPA and be approved before use. Products are designated in different categories to be sure they are used properly. Our equipment provides the applicator with a closed system, reducing potential for exposure while filling, measuring, and injecting.

Is TREE-äge® oil or water-based?

None of the TREE-äge products have oil in them. They do contain water along with other ingredients that allow for the finished product to be water-soluble, increase storage and stability, and assure that the product stays in solution. Water, as an ingredient is mentioned by generics to either imply safety or to suggest that this increases speed. Research conducted with TREE-äge R10 has demonstrated that its speed is unmatched for tree uptake.

How does TREE-äge R10 make me more productive?

TREE-äge R10 in tests has shown to be up to 3x faster than a generic in deciduous trees and up to 7x faster in coniferous trees. This means you can spend less time per tree, allowing you to treat more trees per season. At this speed, you will complete the work in far less time, and could also take on new projects generating even more revenue.


What does 3x faster mean for my business?

Saving 5 minutes per tree means you can use your time towards treating more trees and/or expanding your business. At just 5 minutes per tree savings, treating just 50 trees a week, you would save over 4 hours a week. Billed out at $200/ man-hour you could generate $800 more per week in other business.


How can I trust that TREE-äge R10 will work?

TREE-äge R10 uses the exact same active ingredient we have always used. The original formulation is backed by 15 years of data and use by universities, cites, and applicators. In addition, we have conducted new research against several pests and have found it performs equal or better than existing formulations, and often better than generics.

Is it better to use plugs or no plugs?

Arborjet has always offered a plug-less alternative and plug-less methods are often used for large volumes of forested trees or for Palms, where only one hole is needed. However, the traditional landscape tree should be plugged. Plug-less applications can cause product loss that may cost more than the plug. Additionally, the plug seals the site against insects and diseases while acting similarly to a pruning cut, so it closes over more rapidly and assures better tree response. Lastly, plugs allow for higher pressure to assure the full dose is received and your productivity remains constant.

Will using more than 30lbs of pressure damage the tree? 

These concerns stem entirely from the use of systems that do not place the chemistry into the xylem, away from the cambium and bark. All these systems use no plug, and at higher pressures offer no protection against bark injury. Proper plug setting with all plug barbs in the xylem of the tree, will never cause this type of damage. Arborjet offers multiple types of equipment that supply 30-200 lbs of pressure based on the needs of the applicator, the type of tree, and conditions. Higher pressure maximizes productivity, especially when conditions are hot, dry, or the tree’s uptake tissue is either compromised or particularly narrow.

Should TREE-äge have per acre limits?

Limits by acreage are developed to prevent contamination of ground water by products that have high leaching potential or are applied in a way which increases risk of ground water contamination.

TREE-äge is injected and sealed in the tree. A very small dose, often less than a teaspoon of active ingredient will protect a mature tree for 2 years without environmental risk.

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