Product Spotlight: TurfPlex

You should have a variety of options and treatment in your turf and lawn care programs, whether for your own grass or for a client. While products that offer long-term or seasonal benefits are useful, sometimes you need a shorter-term fix or solution, or repeated applications to get the results you want. That’s where TurfPlex comes in. Here’s more information about what it is and what it does:

What’s in TurfPlex?

TurfPlex is a 20-2-3 blend, with high levels of nitrogen to help grass produce more chlorophyll and get better color. It contains three different types of nitrogen to provide a full range of nutrients: Ammoniacal nitrogen, Nitrate nitrogen, and Urea nitrogen. Each form of nitrogen has a different rate of absorption and attaches to different types of particles, leading to longer-term benefits.  Additional included micronutrients include iron, manganese, and zinc.

Turfplex comes in two varieties: one with 2% phosphate, and one with no phosphate (called TurfPlex NoPhos 20-0-3). Both blends contain SeaXtra to help plants develop stronger roots and better stress tolerance. Using just 6 oz of TurfPlex provides the same benefits as an equivalent rate of SeaXtra, so there is no need for additional tank mixing.


How TurfPlex is Used

Unlike other nutrition blends we offer, TurfPlex is not designed to be applied only a few times a year for long-term benefits. Instead, it is made for spoon-feeding, applying small amounts of product and nutrients in more frequent intervals. This produces greater color, consistent growth, and healthier grass. You should spoon-feed in high traffic areas that see a lot of use and tear, to help promote stronger grass that is more resilient to high use. With smaller and more consistent doses, you’ll also see faster responses and growth.

It may be beneficial to combine TurfPlex with a longer-lasting product that provides additional benefits, such as BioMP for long-term slow release carbon, or Hydretain for root zone moisture management.

TurfPlex NoPhos

What about that NoPhos blend mentioned earlier? Some states or regions restrict the use of phosphorus fertilizers, such as only when establishing new turf or during limited times of year. Phosphorous is critical for helping plants establish roots and for early growth, but phosphorus in runoff can lead to algal blooms, which can have a determinantal affect on aquatic plants and animals. Check your local restrictions and ordinances before deciding which blend of TurfPlex to use.

TurfPlex should have a home in your rotation of lawncare products. Use it as your go-to option for quick repairs and consistent feeding to keep your grass strong and green through the season.