Soil Moisture Management

For Insufficient Moisture, Drought Stress & Wilt Protection

Hydretain is designed to reduce watering frequency by helping plants utilize soil moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. A proprietary blend of hygroscopic humectant compounds, Hydretain attracts water molecules in the soil to create plant usable water droplets in the root zone.

  • Reduces watering requirements
  • Protects against drought stress
  • Increases nutrient efficiency
  • Lasts up to 3 months

Commercial Hydretain ES Plus Label

Commercial Hydretain Granular OC Label

Commercial Hydretain Granular QD Label


  • Product Details

      Sizes & Item Numbers:

      Hydretain ES Plus – Liquid

      Quart w/ Hose-End Sprayer: HESP32OZ

      One Gallon Jug: HESP1

      2.5 Gallon Jug: HESP2

      30 Gallon Drum HESP30

      55 Gallon Drum: HESP55

      275 Gallon Tote: HESP275

      Hydretain Granular QD Quick Dissolve

      40 Pound Bag HESPQD40

      2000 Pound Super Sack

      Hydretain Granular OC Organic Carrier

      40 Pound Bag HESPOC40

      2000 Pound Super Sack HESPOC2000