How to Reduce Winter Salt Damage with Na-X

Salt damage in the winter

Throughout the winter, the repeated use of sodium-based ice melt products can be damaging to soils and plants. As snow, ice and grounds thaw, sodium from ice melt product can build up in the soils near sidewalks, driveways, roadsides, medians, and other commonly salted areas. In addition to being toxic to plants in high quantities, sodium breaks down soil structure, limiting root growth and causing a decline in turf and plant health.

Flush Soil Salts Away with Na-X

Na-X™ (5-0-0) is a calcium-based soil salt flush product that rapidly displaces excess sodium ions in the soil. Use Na-X once soil has thawed to quickly flush salts out of the root zone. Na-X™ will not prevent surface salt from burning foliage; however, flushing soil salt will reduce long term damage and prepare the site for better plant recovery, seed germination, and establishment of new plantings.

How Does Na-X Work?

Na-X contains highly soluble calcium that quickly displaces excess sodium ions in the soil. The
calcium in Na-X also brings the soil particles together to form the structure that allows water
and air to flow unimpeded through the soil profile. This allows the sodium ions to be flushed
through the soil. Both the calcium and nitrogen contained in Na-X are available for uptake by
plant roots, improving stem strength and leaf structures.

Na-X Benefits:

• Quickly reduces sodium levels
• Improves soil tilth and structure
• Improves water penetration
• Source of calcium for turf and plants
• Reduces standing water and runoff


Na-X Also Works For:


Applications for Na-X


Pro Tip:

For sodium afflicted plants, add CytoGro® to your plant management program to increase salt tolerance and stimulant root growth. Apply Bio MP to stimulate soil microorganisms negatively impacted by sodic soils.