Preparing Turf for Spring

According to the Sports Field Management Association there are benefits to using natural grass for turf, such as improved air quality, stormwater management, and as a pollution filter. We know from experience that the healthier the turf is, the more benefits you experience from it.

The late winter and early spring are crucial for the care and maintenance of turf. This time is coming fast! Here are some things you can do to prepare the turf:

Check the Soil State

Before you determine how to prepare your turf or even what products to apply, you need to determine the condition of your turf! First, see if there is any obvious damage to the grass, such as dry spots, weeds, or fungus. Check on the general state of the soil. A soil analysis test may be necessary here, which will help you determine if you are lacking certain nutrients. Check on the moisture level of the ground too.

Overseed and Aerate

Deal with bare spots or thinning grass by top seeding, especially in high-traffic areas. Remember to aerate your soil, which will help with root growth, and allow roots to better absorb water and nutrients. Once your soil is set up, you can move onto other issues.

Check Irrigation System

You’ll need your irrigation system to be in working order in spring, so run through all the steps as needed. Test the lines and address any issues now before you get into the full swing of the season.

Using CytoGro on turf will yield bigger and stronger roots that are more efficient at absorbing nutrients.
Using CytoGro on turf will yield bigger and stronger roots that are more efficient at absorbing nutrients.

Apply the Right Products

When you’ve figured out the state of your turf, you can figure out what it needs. An application of Hydretain will help your turf grass in multiple ways; besides reducing the amount of watering you’ll need to do through spring, it will help with germination for any newly-laid seeds. CytoGro will help grass develop stronger roots, which will provide benefits for nutrient absorption and improve stress tolerance. For extreme situations where soil and turf really need a boost, try EnviroPlex, a highly-concentrated carbon soil conditioner with 22% humic acid. Use it for improving soil fertility or to help with nutrient retention in sandy soils, or to deal with compacted soils.

Follow these basic tips to set your turf up for success in spring. If you want more guidance or have specific questions, our team of experts is always on call to assist. Contact your regional technical manager to find out more.