Cytrogro Product Spotlight – Root Hormone Biostimulant

In springtime, or when plants need some extra help, you want to ensure they get the nutrients they need and have a strong enough root base to stay strong for many seasons. A soil amendment will help, and giving roots a hormone boost is even better. That’s where our product CytoGro comes into play. Here’s some more information about this product.

How does CytoGro Work?

CytoGro is a root hormone biostimulant, a unique blend of cytokinins and other ingredients packed with essential hormones and nutrients essential for plant growth. It is derived from seaweed taken from cold, nutrient-rich waters and therefore is high in hormones and minerals, including cytokinins, a type of plant root hormone that promotes cell division in roots and shoots. Providing this hormone to plants helps them produce stronger roots, which is hugely advantageous if plant growth is diminished due to stress, drought, or herbicide damage.

Unlike similar biostimulants, CytoGro can be used along with plant growth regulators, since it has minimum levels of gibberellic acid. It is also suitable for tank mixing, so blend it with other products and solutions for invigorating root growth and plant health. CytoGro helps plants with calcium uptake, which can be used to counter high soil sodium levels.

Grass roots 3 weeks after an application of CytoGro
Grass roots 3 weeks after an application of CytoGro

Stimulating Spring Growth

CytoGro is perfect to use during the spring growing season, as it encourages rapid and strong root growth. Use it in spring as plants are coming out of dormancy, and for continued maintenance throughout the season. It can be used on lawns, sports turf and golf courses, in nurseries and greenhouses, garden beds, and to improve transplant success.

The cytokinins in CytoGro help with cell division, leading to faster growth and stronger roots, which is important for establishment with new plantings. The same hormones also help delay plant senescence and increase stress tolerance, leading to a more robust plant able to better survive the stressors of the growing season.

An Effective EPA Registered Solution


CytoGro is EPA Registered for quality and safety. It assures a high concentration of 50 ppm of cytokinins, which results in a more cost-effective product per acre: one half fluid ounce will make enough solution to cover 2500 square feet! For additional flexibility, CytoGro can be applied through fertigation or spray.

CytoGro is a multipurpose and flexible product that can be used for all your rooting and stress tolerance issues, on almost any turf or landscape plant. Consider it an essential part of your spring – and year round – treatments for plant health care!