Top 4 Products to Use on Landscapes for Dry Winters

Winter can be particularly tough on landscapes, especially in regions with dry winters. The lack of moisture in the air and soil can be harsh on plants, leaving them struggling to survive. However, proper care and attention with the right products can help protect your landscape and keep it thriving during winter.

We have some products that can help! Here are some of our best:

Reduce Watering Concerns with Hydretain

Our first recommendation when moisture availability is a concern, either because of periods of drought or watering restrictions, is Hydretain. This hygroscopic humectant converts water vapor in the soil back into plant-usable liquid water, which means fewer waterings are needed to keep plants healthy. This is a great option during dry winters, especially on large areas of grass like lawns or golf courses. If the Hydretain is thoroughly watered in, it will last for up to 3 months, plenty of time to get through a difficult winter.

Boost Roots with NutriRoot

A serious concern during dry seasons isn’t just water availability, but also nutrients. NutriRoot is a 2-2-3 blend with seaweed extracts and humic acids, encouraging stronger root growth and reducing stress. This will put roots in a better position to grow stronger and survive tough conditions. NutriRoot is also made with Hdyretain, for additional water-saving measures. Get NutriRoot down in fall after the leaves have come down but before the ground freezes.

CytoGro Will Reduce Stress

Root stress can be a serious problem during dry seasons. When under stress from drought or cold, plants can exhibit signs such as wilting, turgidity, branch dieback, and reduced root density. All of this can lead to a weaker plant in spring, with reduced photosynthesis and overall health. If you’re concerned about root stress during dry times, use CytoGro. This hormone biostimulant promotes deeper and denser roots, which helps trees and grass absorb more water and nutrients to mitigate stress factors.

Shortstop Provides Year-Round Benefits

Shortstop 2SC is not a direct source or nutrients or moisture availability but will help trees and shrubs by restricting growth in certain ways. An application of Shortstop will slow growth of above-ground vegetation while increasing root development, which will help your woody plants survive through tough conditions. It also reduces the need for pruning, which sets you up for success and less work come summer. Apply Shortstop in fall and spring.

Dry winters need not be a death sentence for plants or require excessive watering on your part. With the right products applied at the right time, you can survive winter and be ready for a strong spring.