NutriRoot can be used throughout the entire growing season.

• Supplies organic matter and aids in the proliferation of soil microorganisms

• Reduces water run-off from repellant, dry soils

• Reduces transplant stress and improves rooting

NutriRoot is a unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants designed to accelerate root development and reduce water stress in new plantings to mature trees and shrubs.

Benefits of NutriRoot

    • Increases Root Development
    • Decrease Transplant Stress
    • Addresses Nutrient Deficiencies
    • Provides Macro & Micronutrients
    • Reduce Call Backs on Installation Projects

Problems Solved by NutriRoot

    • Root Loss/Poor Root Development
    • Sandy Soils
    • Poor Microbial Soil Activity
    • Low Organic Soil Matter
    • Poor Moisture Availability
    • Drought Stress

NutriRoot is made with Hydretain to retain moisture in the soil. Evaporating water in the soil is converted back to plant usable liquid water, meaning treated plants need to be watered 50% less.

NutriRoot is Part of the Arbor Rx Line

NutriRoot is designed to create better growing conditions in soil for healthier plants and roots. Consider complimentary products for all your soil health needs.

Proven Results

“I found it’s been a very easy reach to acclimate customers to NutriRoot because it’s simple to use, it’s not very expensive and it works so well. It provides the necessary hydration and it reduces stress in transplants. When we sell trees, shrubs or perennials, we advocate the use of NutriRoot as a companion product to the the transplant process. Our own landscape crew uses NutriRoot exclusively.”

Jim Zoppo
American Landscape/Sharon View Nursery
Sharon, MA

“A lot of nutrient solutions show quick but short-term results, often compromising the long-term health of the plants to show quick and short-lived growth. NutriRoot builds truly healthy growth in plants, for the life of the plant, by improving the health of the actual soil the plant lives in! I’ve seen it increase moisture retention and overall health of soils, lending to incredible long-term improvements in plant health.”

Att Reisman
South Weymouth, MA