Shortstop 2SC will soon be allowed for use to suppress the growth of both trees and shrubs. Shrub applications may be applied as a soil drench or foliar spray.

Not only does it regulate plant growth, but it also produces thicker, waxier leaves, increased fibrous roots, and healthier looking plants. With these secondary effects, we are observing trees with less leaf scorch due to drought, less damage after construction, and an increase in disease suppression.

More Business Growth Potential with Expanded Usage at a Competitive Price.

  • Use one product for both trees and shrubs leaves more space on your shelf or truck and less labels to keep on hand
  • 25-75% above ground growth regulation (depending on plant species) means less time spent shearing & shaping
  • Less labor needed & debris generated reduces dump and disposal fees
  • Increased drought resistance & disease suppression – thicker leaves make it harder for fungi and fruiting bodies to take hold and spread to treated plants

Proven Results

A trial of ninebark shrubs showed a reduction in pruning frequency and improvement of overall appearance. Untreated shrubs were pruned 2-3 times in a year where the treated shrubs only needed to be pruned once.