Top 4 Products to Use to Get Your Garden Started

March 12th is Plant a Flower Day, and we thought we’d celebrate by discussing gardening. Spring is coming soon, and it’s time to start thinking about your garden for the year. Figure out what you want to plant and where in the landscape it should go (thinking about soil condition, sunlight, and how pretty everything will look!) Sometimes your landscape will need an extra boost to get started in spring or to keep going through the season. Here’s a look at some of the best products you can use to get your garden going.

Save Water with Hydretain 

In most cases, we recommend using Hydretain to save water during installation and throughout the growing season. We have written extensively about Hydretain’s water-saving effects, and that applies to garden preparation too. Hydretain converts evaporating gaseous water in the soil back into plant-usable liquid water, which means less water is lost due to evaporation. This will save you water, money, and time, and your new garden will be happier too. Independent studies have also shown that Hydretain increases germination rates of seeds, which means it can confidently be used if planting a garden or lawn from seed.

NutriRoot as a Nutrient Base

It is usually a good idea to add amendments to your soil to help combat malnutrition or adjust soil structure. If you’re unsure of where to start, NutriRoot is always a good base because it provides both soil enhancing and plant growth ingredients. It has a balance of essential nutrients to help encourage development of fine root hairs, which makes plants stronger, more secure, and absorb nutrients faster. It’s also made with Hydretain so you’ll get some water-saving effects as well. NutriRoot can be used on trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and for new plantings and transplants.

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Get Better Color

BloomPlex contains the nutrients needed to give plants, especially flowering plants, the initial burst of energy they need. It is high in phosphorus, a major essential nutrient which facilitates the plant’s movement of nutrients and photosynthesis process. This includes production of flowers and fruit, so this is a great product to use on vegetable and seasonal beds or anyplace you need a big burst of color in the garden!

Keep Pest Control Ready

You might not want to think about pests this early on in the garden process, but it’s best to be prepared! AzaSol is an organic pest control product made from Neem oil that works to disrupt the life cycle of insect pests. If you have crops that are prone to damage from chewing, boring, or piercing insects, keep AzaSol on hand to provide protection: spray or drench AzaSol to systemically protect your plants. This organic product won’t harm other plants or animals and can be used on fruits and vegetables and for same-day harvest.


Gardens are exciting projects, but make sure you have the right tools for all situations at hand. Start with these products and you’ll have a strong foundation for a healthy and thriving garden this season!