Top 4 Winter Turf Care Products

According to the Sports Field Management Association, when using natural grass for your sports turf, it is important to consider the weather conditions when determining how to best care for it. For climates that have a harsh winter, it’s even more important to take extra measures for caring for the turf. By doing extra work in winter to protect turf, you’ll mitigate spring labor, especially any replanting efforts!

Arborjet | Ecologel has some solutions that encourage turf health during the colder winter months. Here’s a look at some of the best products:

Product 1 – EnviroPlex

EnviroPlex serves as the basis of many soil conditioning programs, and can be a huge asset as you prepare for a cold winter. This is our general-purpose maintenance product, designed to condition poor-quality soils, help build organic soil matter, and boost microbial activity. Keeping soil and roots in top condition and making sure they have sufficient nutrients to get through a harsh winter is important. Start your winter prep with a fall application of EnviroPlex, then consider these other products.

Product 2 – CytoGro

One of the best ways to ensure turfgrass success is to get strong, healthy roots that run deep. Our best product for that purpose is CytoGro, a hormone biostimulant that increases root growth and fertilizer uptake. Combine it with the other products on this list for added benefits.

Using CytoGro on turf will yield bigger and stronger roots that are more efficient at absorbing nutrients.
Using CytoGro on turf will yield bigger and stronger roots that are more efficient at absorbing nutrients.

Product 3 – Bio MP

The high carbohydrate components of Bio MP provide a boost for soils and turf through a cold winter. By conditioning soil ahead of winter and getting roots the nutrients they need, turf will have increased tolerance against stress from drought and cold. You’ll also be setting turf up for a successful spring by providing more nutrients and conditioning soil, especially soil with thatch layers and low organic matter content.

Product 4 – Hydretain

Longtime readers of our blog will know how versatile Hydretain is to plant health care programs. Hydretain will help soil and grass roots retain more water. This is useful when temperatures fall below freezing and the frozen ground can’t be watered properly. Applying Hydretain at the beginning of the winter before the ground freezes will help keep roots in the right condition. One application of Hydretain lasts for 3 months, enough time to get you through a cold winter season.

Keeping turf healthy through cold times, especially if irrigation is off the table, can seem like a difficult task. With the right products and the right prep work you’ll make it through to spring and be ready for a new growing season!