BloomPlex Ensures Stronger Landscapes and Enhanced Flowering

Properly caring for landscapes and all their myriad components can be challenging and overwhelming. Besides different varieties of plants having different needs, there are different stressors and factors to consider.

Several of our products are designed to address these landscape needs, with the goal of saving you time and labor while creating more beautiful landscapes. BloomPlex (8-16-5) is one of our BioPro products designed for ease in landscaping. We give you the rundown on how this product can help you.

Enhance Blooming

You always want flowering plants and shrubs to look their best and show off the brightest, most vibrant colors possible, especially as you start planning for spring and emerging blooms. Maybe you or a client has a flowering shrub that needs more love, or a bed of just-planted seasonal flowers needs to really look its best. Does a landscape have flowering or fruiting trees that really need to show off color or develop, such as cherry tree, apple tree, dogwood, or crape myrtle?

As its name implies, BloomPlex’s primary purpose is to deliver essential nutrients to these flowering plants, as well as shrubs, herbs, and fruit and vegetable plants. BloomPlex is an 8-16-5 blend, high in phosphorus, which helps promote flowering and fruiting. You don’t need to wait for a plant to start showing stress signs; you can treat with BloomPlex early in the growing season to ensure plants get the boost needed.

BloomPlex treated and untreated

Improve Stress Tolerance

There are many factors that can stress out plants. Excessive heat, lack of water, pests, and poor soil conditions can all contribute to declining plant health. With seasons becoming more unpredictable as of late, levels of available heat and water can be hard to gauge. Establishing a strong base for plant growth can help mitigate a lot of these stress factors as they emerge. Stronger roots and healthier plants will be able to survive difficult conditions better, and if you use water-saving products like Hydretain you’ll see even greater benefits in stress tolerance!

Increased Vigor Due to Greater Root Growth

Of course, plant health begins at the roots. Adding additional nutrients and soil amendments won’t do much good if plant roots aren’t in a good enough state to properly absorb everything. Like other formulations we offer, BloomPlex’s phosphorus and potassium help with development of fine root hairs, which helps with absorption of water and nutrients. Combine this with other nutrient-boosting soil amendments, like NutriRoot or EnviorPlex, for even greater effects.

BloomPlex Product Page

When you have a variety of landscaping needs and are looking to start things off strong in spring, BloomPlex is a great first option. It can be applied to a wide variety of plants and helps with root growth and gives flowers the burst of color you want. Make sure to visit our page for more information, and continue to check out our blog every month for more advice on landscaping products you’ll want to try!