Landscape Maintenance During Vacation Season

Helping Your Customers Maintain Healthy Plants and Landscape While They’re Away

It’s vacation season! And that means that your customers may be relying on you more than ever to help maintain healthy turf and landscapes while they are gone. Whether the landscape is being left for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, water management is often biggest challenge to maintaining healthy lawns, gardens, potted plants and hanging baskets. Fortunately, there is a solution that you can offer your customers to help keep their landscape investment from drying up in their absence.

Hygroscopic humectant products such as Hydretain, LESCO Moisture Manager, H3O Plus and NutriRoot are used to maximize water use efficiency within the soil. Hygroscopic humectants are compounds that naturally attract water molecules. Working like tiny water magnets, these compounds draw water molecules together to form liquid water. Used in the soil, hygroscopic humectants convert unavailable moisture vapor into plant usable water droplets. These products are not a complete replacement for watering, but they will help plants thrive for longer periods between watering cycles.

Technology can do wonders for keeping plants healthy during vacations, but even properly installed irrigation systems and automated timers can fail. Offering a hygroscopic humectant service is a great way to help protect your customers’ lawns this summer. In addition to lawn applications, hygroscopic humectants can be used on gardens, potted plants, hanging baskets and interior plants.

For best results, hygroscopic humectant products should be applied a few watering cycles prior to departure so that the products have time to become fully active in the soil. You should also water your plants thoroughly right before you leave. Since travel can sometimes be unexpected, using hygroscopic humectants as part of your regular maintenance program will ensure that your customer’s plants are protected if they must leave at a moment’s notice.

“I came home and both of my Impatient hanging baskets were wilting. I put the 2 packets you gave me in one pot. (Thursday) Watered them both, and this is what I returned to Sunday night” – Jason Mulder


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