Tips for Treating Your Trees in Hot Weather

Treating in Hot Weather

Though it’s almost August, there will still be plenty of hot weather ahead for many of us. For those of us treating trees, that means the battle against heat and humidity is on, and there are certain factors to consider now that may affect the success of your treatment. If you’re safeguarding against pests this summer, keep these tips in mind for treating your trees in hot weather:

1. Avoid Treating When Hot Weather Temps Rise above 80°F

When treating via trunk injection, adequate soil moisture and relatively high humidity are necessary for successful treatment. Hot weather and dry soil conditions will result in a reduced rate of uptake, so it is best to avoid treating when temperatures rise above 80°F. When treating in the summer, inject in the morning for quickest uptake.

2. Water Before and After Treatment

At higher temperatures, it is important to ensure that trees are watered both before and after treatment. Watering helps with the translocation of formulation as well as maintaining water balance within the tree. Watering before and after treatment ensures that the tree maintains a proper balance of water and product.

3. Use Products With Lower Doses

Inject a lower rate of a higher active ingredient, giving your tree the product it needs as efficiently as possible. IMA-jet 10, for example, contains 10% active ingredient (double the active of IMA-jet) making it ideal for warm weather applications because it requires half the rate.

Depending on your region and location, the date and time of your treatment, and the tree you’re treating, these factors may vary, and there may be other important steps to consider to ensure a successful treatment. For additional questions, or for more summer treatment tips, contact your local Arborjet regional technical manager or service provider today to discuss your options!