The Advantage of Minimum Risk Pesticides

by Kristin Nikodemski Many pesticides, if used improperly, can have unintended consequences like harming the plant they were applied to protect or killing beneficial insects and organisms. When a controlled environment, companion planting, or homemade remedies don’t work you may want to try a minimum risk pesticide. Conventional Pesticides versus Minimum Risk Pesticides A pesticide […]

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Colorado Approves Eco-PM® & Eco-Mite Plus® Safe for Cannabis Cultivation

  Since the legalization of medical marijuana and hemp cultivation, growers have struggled to find safe, quality products to protect against mites and fungus. The Colorado Department of Agriculture approved both Eco-PM® and Eco-Mite Plus® for commercial, personal, and hemp use, in concentrated and ready-to-use formulas. Both products are fast acting and non-toxic to people […]

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