Proven Treatment for Spotted Lanternfly

Arborjet Inc., based in Woburn and a leader in plant health care, has developed a proven and effective
treatment solution to help mitigate the Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) discovered this week in Springfield,
Massachusetts. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture this invasive pest “could be the most
destructive species in 150 years.”

To treat trees for the Spotted Lanternfly, professional applicators apply a systemic micro-injectable
product IMA-jet and ACE-jet. “In field trials, this treatment proved successful in eliminating the pest from
the host tree and reducing honeydew and sooty mold production and egg masses,” said Don Grosman
Ph. D., Technology Advancement Manager & Entomologist at Arborjet.

“Arborjet uses the latest and most effective technology, injecting and sealing the formulation in the tree’s
vascular system. Nothing is placed in the soil or into the air, making it a more sustainable treatment
option, with far greater efficacy than other methods,” states Russ Davis, Arborjet President and CEO.

The Spotted Lanternfly nymphs and adults will feed on a wide range of over 100 different plant species,
including grape, hops, grasses and fruit trees, and other trees, particularly Tree of Heaven, walnut,
maple, birch, and others, posing a serious threat to agriculture and tourism. The pest sucks the sap from
plants and trees and produces a sticky residue called honeydew, which promotes sooty mold growth.
People moving infested materials have aided its rapid spread. Adults lay 1-inch-long egg masses in the
fall on nearly anything from tree trunks and rocks to vehicles and firewood. With no native predator, the
Spotted Lanternfly population has flourished.

For further information, please visit: Goodbye Spotted Lanternfly.

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