Arborjet Offers Plant and Tree Recovery Solutions for States Devastated by Hurricane Season

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Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and more left extensive damage and devastation to trees, palms and plant material throughout the United States and beyond this year. With many trees left severely damaged, Arborjet Inc., a revolutionary plant health care company, has developed recovery plans to help plants and trees suffering from the effects of this historic weather event to recover, survive and thrive.

“Our hearts go out to the areas that were affected by this season’s series of catastrophic hurricanes,” said Russ Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer of Arborjet. “As homeowners and municipalities clean up and work to recover from the devastation, we want them to know that there are steps that can be taken to help ensure that their beautiful landscapes and trees survive.”

Trees, palms and shrubs are affected by hurricanes in several ways. Salt damage to roots and leaves, wind damage to trunks and branches, submersion of roots by flooding and loss of leaf tissue are the most common ailments seen after a catastrophic storm. Damaged trees should first be inspected by a certified arborist to determine the extent of damage. Once that initial evaluation has been made, Arborjet recommends implementing its 3-Step Plant Healthcare (PHC) Program, which helps strengthen palm and trees’ natural defenses and protects them against future attacks.

Step one is to apply nutrients, disease control and insect control products, such as Arborjet’s TREE- äge® G4, IMA-jet and PHOSPHO-jet, which will help improve the plants overall health and vigor while protecting them from future pest attacks and environmental stresses.

Step two is to apply soil amendments and growth regulators, such as NutriRoot®, which stimulates root activity, repairs damage, increases root recovery and enhances the soil microbial environment. Shortstop® 2SC, a plant growth regulator, will also be helpful in enhancing root growth, improving water retention and giving trees a chance to rebound and recover while creating new leaf tissue. Both products encourage new root development after the salt damage from flooding and ocean water.

The final step is to apply a solution that improves overall plant health and vigor, such as PALM-jet Mg. Future survival can also be greatly enhanced through a combination of cultural practices, such as pruning, staking and mulching.

“Arborjet’s system is so easy to use and very effective,” said Stephen DeMeule, The Yard Stop Lawn and Pest Control, Inc. “We recently treated over 400 Royal and Coconut palms in Naples. It took one employee one week to complete the job and on the last day we were already seeing improvement on the trees that had been treated the first day. Two weeks later the results were even more dramatic.”

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