Award Winning Landscaper Cuts Water Use in Half

With California and much of the west experiencing severe heat and drought, an award winning landscape professional is proving that healthy landscapes are still possible using half the water. With products provided by Arborjet | Ecologel, industry leaders in plant health care and water conservation, landscapers such as Ed Wallace,  Midwest Landscaping are offering their clients environmentally sustainable solutions.

The innovative technology of Ecologel’s flagship brand, Hydretain® is designed to drastically reduce watering requirements of turfgrasses, trees, shrubs, flowers, and agriculture by 50%. According to Rick Irwin, President of Ecologel LLC, “Award winning landscape companies across the country are offering Hydretain application services to help their customers successfully maintain healthy lawns and landscapes using far less water.”

“By utilizing Arborjet | Ecologel Solutions’ Hydretain and SeaXtra combo, even during severe

drought conditions in Southern California, we were still able to produce winning results,” said

Wallace, recipient of two first place awards in beautification, and this year’s California

Landscape Contractors Association Outstanding Achievement award.

Hydretain works by allowing plants to use the moisture vapor in the soil that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. Different from a wetting agent or a superabsorbent polymer, it attracts moisture vapor from the soil and condenses it back into usable water droplets.

Hydretain’s ability to manage soil moisture between watering cycles and/or rainfall, provides many other benefits such as, increased seed germination, enhanced fertilizer efficiency, improved sod establishment, extended flower life and maximized crop production. Hydretain comes in liquid or granular formulations, and is safe to use on commercially grown food as well as residential vegetable and herb gardens, school grounds, sports and playing fields, and golf courses.