Arborjet to Treat at Fort St. Clair Cemetery

EATON, O.H, November 11, 2020: In an effort to preserve the country’s trees and urban forests and to increase public awareness about invasive pests and disease, Arborjet, a leader in plant health, will be treating an ancient Spruce Tree, located on the grounds of the Fort Saint Clair Cemetery property. The tree, based on diameter alone, is tied as the third largest Norway Spruce in the state of Ohio, and is estimated to be almost 230 years old.

Fort Saint Clair was established in 1792 to protect early pioneers, and is now a public park to preserve and commemorate the historic fort. The cemetery is the final resting place to many WWII veterans along with Civil War veterans. The fort is also home to the Whispering Oak Tree, which is over 200 years old, “and according to legend, you can hear the tree whisper under the right conditions.”

Arborjet will be working with Scott Trochelman of Greenbush Landscape along with local officials. Arborjet staff and Master Arborists will be on site to provide training with state of the art tree injection equipment, including the new TREE-äge® R10, and leading-edge Arbor Rx™soil applications to preserve the tree’s overall health. The event is a valuable opportunity for those interested in learning more about treatment options.

This is part of Arborjet’s “Saving America’s Iconic Trees” program to ensure the health and longevity of the country’s trees. The campaign targets America’s most beloved trees, offering complimentary treatment to prevent insects, disease and poor health. Arborjet donates high-profile treatments and hosts educational events across the country. The company invites homeowners, state, city, town and municipal leaders to nominate iconic trees in their communities for potential recognition and treatment by visiting


For additional information or inquiries please contact:

Kevin Lewis
ISA Certified Arborist OH-6856A
Arborjet Inc.
Technical Manager – T&O, Golf and Specialty Markets


Press Contact: Kelly Rostad