Arborjet Launches New Mn-jet Fe™ Liquid Micronutrient Solution for Trees, Palms, Shrubs and Groundcovers to Fight Interveinal Chlorosis

Mn-jet Fe

Arborjet Inc., a revolutionary plant health care company, today announced Mn-jet Fe ™, its new liquid micronutrient solution for trees, palms, shrubs and groundcovers. Fast and effective, Mn-jet Fe ™ alleviates interveinal chlorosis caused by micronutrient deficiencies.

Interveinal chlorosis in plants is result of micronutrient deficiencies, specifically iron and manganese. The foliage on chlorotic trees turns a pale green to yellow hue while the veins remain dark green; necrosis and twig dieback occurs in severe cases. When left untreated, chlorotic trees decline over several years and become more susceptible to insects and disease. This is a common condition throughout the United States that affects a number of species including oak, sweetgum, birch, pine, maple, and azaleas. Chlorosis is especially prevalent in the west and midwest regions of the U.S. where soils tend to be alkaline.

Arborjet is offering a free educational Mn-jet Fe ™ webinar on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 3:30 PM CDT. Industry professionals are invited to attend, and 1 ISA CEU is available for Certified Arborists. ​Click here to sign up now – space is limited.

Mn-jet Fe ™ offers a balanced source of micronutrients for alleviating interveinal chlorosis. The new formulation contains 2% Water Soluble Iron (Fe), 2% Water Soluble Manganese (Mn), 1% Soluble Potash (K2O), 0.5% Water Soluble Zinc (Zn), 0.1% Water Soluble Copper (Cu), and 0.1% Boron (B). These are higher levels of micronutrients than comparable products. Mn-jet Fe™ may be applied as formulated or diluted with water. Its liquid formulation mixes easily into solution and may be applied through both micro- and macro-infusion equipment, or as a foliar spray for shrubs and groundcovers.

Test treatments have already shown Mn-jet Fe ™ significantly reduces the impact of interveinal chlorosis in trees from just one treatment. Mn-jet Fe ™ may be used at a 1x rate in the summer or up to 3x rates in the fall. The higher fall rates will increase longevity of the product. Applications of Mn-jet Fe ™ can increase chlorophyll production for up to three growing seasons, improving tree vitality and enhancing leaves’ natural green color, and restoring aesthetic quality. With summer applications, rapid green-up can be seen in as little as two weeks, while the fall rate can provide up to three years of green-up.

“Iron and manganese deficiencies are often overlooked, yet can cause major damage to trees,” said Russ Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer of Arborjet. “Our new Mn-jet Fe ™ addresses these conditions by providing a boost of iron, manganese and other critical nutrients in an easy-to-use liquid form, allowing versatile, rapid treatment in the field. It is an exciting addition to our fertilizer and amendments product line at a time when arborists need it most.”

Mn-jet Fe ™ is available in 1-liter containers and in case quantities. One liter of Mn-jet Fe ™ treats 20 trees (10” DBH) at the low rate. For more information, please visit

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