Arborjet Expanding Their Offering With The Supersonic Air Knife

May 3, 2021, Woburn, MA: Arborjet Inc. a leader in plant health, is excited to announce today the latest addition to its expanding offering of tools for arborists, landscapers and utilities – the Supersonic Air Knife, also known as SAK.

Thomas Hursen founded Supersonic Air Knife, Inc. over 25 years ago and obtained numerous patents on the technology. “It is with great confidence that we have now officially transferred all assets to Aborjet, Inc. who we are confident will continue to create and expand the SAK tools with the same high quality and attention to detail that our customers have come to expect. We are thankful to pass on our Supersonic Air Knife legacy to a company with such a strong reputation of innovation and environmental stewardship,” Hursen said.

“We could not be happier with the addition of the Supersonic Air Knife to our line of tools. Tom Hursen has been a great caretaker of this technology and we hope to build on his work, continuing to innovate and expand the offering,” said Russ Davis, President and CEO of Arborjet.

The Supersonic Air Knife uses high pressure air to dig trenches, remove compacted soils and locate utilities. Its unique MACH 1.7 air speed allows the removal of even the most compacted soils without damaging tree roots, irrigation or power lines. The product is also used in rescues where soils may have collapsed and the use of construction equipment may cause injury.
The Supersonic Air Knife tools are used by service providers worldwide for:

● Arboriculture, landscape and irrigation
● Utility, construction and rescue
● Environmental remediation, de-mining, potholing and keyholing

They are ideal for installing or repairing irrigation lines or for sensitive arborist work including, vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching and soil aeration. They may also be used to safely uncover buried electrical, gas, communication or water lines without the risk of damaging the target.

SAK digging tools are complemented by high-powered air vacuum tools, which utilize the same compressor and are used to remove debris loosened by the Air Knife through a large discharge hose. Additional hoses and product accessories such as a variable nozzle and traveling case are also available. Arborjet will begin shipping product from their Woburn facility.

Press Contact: Kelly Rostad