2023 Taking Root Scholarships Awarded

Arborjet | Ecologel is pleased to announce that it has awarded the 2023 Taking Root Scholarship. Now in its tenth consecutive year, the program offers up to $10,000 in scholarship to students who plan to pursue full-time studies in forestry, plant sciences, horticulture, landscape architecture, entomology or a related major at an accredited two-or four-year college. This year, Arborjet will award scholarships to the following two deserving students.

Taylor Sirois

Taylor Sirois from Seekonk, MA plans to double major in Arboriculture, Landscape Management and Ecological Forest Management, at Paul Smith’s College, located in the Adirondacks. She affirms that arboriculture has truly helped her find herself, and find her passion, and it is the reason she is pursuing higher education in this field. She found that working alongside people who share her appreciation for hard work and the environment has proven extremely rewarding. Sirois adds, “Arborists support each other and work together, helping to make sure that the environmental trades are not discounted as inferior to more traditional academic pursuits.” 

Sirois says she has had many valuable opportunities within the arboriculture industry, from running machinery and chainsaws to pruning, cabling, and preservation. This past year, she was tasked with giving an individual presentation to the public where she taught the audience how to safely operate a chainsaw with proper personal protective equipment. Before finding her confidence and passion in arboriculture, she feels that she never could’ve imagined tackling such an assignment, and she looks forward to increasing her knowledge regarding treatment options and preservation. 

This experience further solidified her desire to study all aspects of arboriculture, not just the cutting down of trees, but the cultivation, management, and biological study of trees and their response to the environment and human practices. She can’t wait to make a difference in this impactful business.   

Natniel Zemede 2023 scholarship winner

Natniel Zemede, a resident of Oakland, CA, will study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the fall. Zemede has chosen to pursue a major in Plant Pathology within the Doctoral Program at UCLA, focusing on the management of invasive insects and diseases. His passion lies in the medical field, but he aspires to go beyond traditional care and explore plant pathology, and the role it plays in the overall well-being of communities. 

By pursuing this major, he aims to contribute significantly to managing the spread of invasive insects and diseases, which have the potential to wreak havoc on vital crops and delicate natural ecosystems. He aspires to become a driving force in developing effective strategies that will combat ecological threats and hopefully, ensure a healthier, more sustainable future for all. He adds, “I believe that this field of study can have a profound impact on the health and well-being of communities.” He hopes to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make a meaningful contribution to this field and address the challenges faced by those in need.

We invite parents, educators, counselors, and members of the tree care community to come together with us in inspiring and supporting dedicated students. Our aim is to encourage young minds to channel their ingenuity and passion towards a career that aligns with our company’s core philosophy and mission – saving trees and preserving urban forests. The recipients of this year’s awards have showcased exceptional achievements within their schools, and they’re driven to contribute their skills and talents to further the growth of this vital industry,” said Russ Davis, Arborjet’s President and CEO.

Arborjet | Ecologel has consistently supported academic research across the country. Recipients for the Taking Root Scholarship program must be graduating U.S. high school seniors planning to major in forestry or a related major for the entire academic year at an accredited two-or four-year college or university. For further information on this year’s recipients and to find out more about the scholarship, please visit: Taking Root Scholarship Program

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