5 Product Benefits of NutriRoot Granular

Our latest product, NutriRoot Granular, is now available and ready for you to use. The name is quite descriptive: this is a dried and granular version of our popular NutriRoot product. The granular form provides several advantages and unique benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of using NutriRoot Granular:

Convenience and ease

NutriRoot Granular’s dried form means it is easier to use and transport to the work site. A half-cup of formulation (or about one handful) is enough to treat a 2-inch caliper tree, and 1.5 – 2 pounds will treat 1,000 square feet of garden beds. This easy measurement and application can be done without the use of water or a watering can.

Same benefits as liquid form

NutriRoot Granular is a 3-3-3 formulation and made with the same seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants as NutriRoot liquid. It is ideal for new or established plantings, for trees, shrubs, gardens, and flowers. Both versions are carbon-based amendments that provide slow-release nutrients for long term benefits. They help roots grow more vigorously and provides nutrients to the soil, resulting in stronger and more vibrant plants. You can use either version to reduce moisture stress and transplant stress.

Soil Amendment Benefits

The granular form makes this product great to use as a carbon-based backfill. When moving soil for a root collar excavation, decompaction, or radial trenching, or anything that exposes roots and moves large quantities of soil, adding amendments to the backfill is a good idea. Add the appropriate amount of NurtiRoot Granular into the excavated soil, mix, and return to the ground. Excavation and adding the soil amendment gives the plant a more complete treatment!

NutriRoot Granular can be easily mixed into soil for added benefits

Labor Saving Results

Everyone wants to know how a new product will help with their workload. Since NutriRoot Granular increases rooting and boosts overall plant health, using it will reduce the number of callbacks needed to repair and replace new plantings. Use it in the fall to help plants prepare for winter, and keep them in better shape for when spring comes back around. That means less spring cleanup work and replanting. This easy-to-apply product will save you work in the long run!

NutriRoot Granular is an incredibly flexible and diverse product designed to address and prevent a number of plant health care issues for most plants in the landscape, garden, or home. Get a sample to try it yourself, and consider adding this versatile product to your everyday practice!