Reduce Salt Damage with Na-X

Salt damage can be detrimental to soil for many reasons. It can negatively affect soil quality, increase water stress, damage root growth, and eventually become toxic to plants with high enough levels. One of the culprits is the necessity to use salt to clear ice and snow from winter roads. When this salt runs off into landscapes, especially once the ice and snow melts, it can cause damage.

We have a solution – it’s called Na-X. Here’s more information about this product:


How Does Na-X Work?

Na-X works through simple chemistry. It contains calcium and urea nitrogen, which reduce sodium levels. The calcium ions in Na-X displaces the excess sodium ions in the soil and forces them to clump together. This makes it easier for the sodium to be flushed out of the soil with water, and leaves the soil behind in healthier and better shape.

This only works on sodic salts, so make sure you know what kind of salt was used during the winter before applying Na-X.

Benefits of Using Na-X

Removing excess salt from the ground provides many advantages for plants, including improved soil structure and water penetration. Water flows better through structured and aerated soil, which also reduces runoff. The calcium in Na-X improves plants’ general nutrient uptake, root mass development, and development of healthy cell walls and membranes in tissue. Stronger cell walls and tissue are also more disease-resistant. Given all these benefits, spring is the perfect time for Na-X, since plants will need the extra nutrients to grow as they come out of dormancy from the winter. It will also help prepare the ground for new seedings and plants.

You can use Na-X outside of winter, too. It can be used to combat hurricane storm surge from oceans, salt buildups in container plants, or saltwater intrusions. Use it for some extra spring green up or if soil Ph needs correction.

How is Na-X Used?

Here’s a look at the best practices for using this product:

  • Apply Na-X as soon as the ground thaws, but before any new plantings to ensure the area has recovered properly.
  • Ensure the product is thoroughly watered into the soil and then keep watering on a regular basis.
  • You can use it to reduces damage to plants from salt use during the winter months.
  • You can also use Na-X to deal with buildups of sodium in western soils, and to deal with compounds that build up in reclaimed irrigation water.

Na-X provides a calcium source and helps break up the salt crust so water can penetrate down into the soil

Whether you’re dealing with cleanup winter road salt or dealing with excessive salt all year round, Na-X deals with the problem and helps with healthy plant growth and structure. Learn more on our website.