Thank You for Making TCI Expo a Success!

TCI Expo 2023 is in the books! This was our best and busiest year yet, and we had a great time meeting everyone who stopped by our booth and events.  The conference featured three full days of arboriculture, plant health care talks, and showing off our newest equipment.

Here’s a recap of our involvement at the conference for readers who couldn’t make it to the show (or who want to experience it all over again):

We Launched New Products!

TCI Expo 2023 was our big moment to unveil two products we’ve been working on for over a year – the INTELI-jet and NutriRoot Granular, and wow did they get a great reception.

Visitors to our booth got the chance to get their hands on the INTELI-jet for the first time. This new technology features easy-to-use smart injection and a patented pulse mode to make tree injection work easier and more efficient. Some visitors were very excited that it’s battery-powered, eliminating the need for air tanks. Others loved that it helps calculate how much product is needed for each injection.

We also showed off NutriRoot Granular, the dried and granulated take on our essential soil enhancement product. This version is easier to measure and apply and doesn’t require tank mixing, while still increasing transplant success, making it a great option for landscaping!

We’re looking at an early 2024 launch date for both products. If you didn’t get a chance to see the products or sign up for preorder, you can sign up on our webpage:

INTELI-jet signup

NutriRoot Granular signup

The INTELI-jet being admired!
The INTELI-jet being admired!

We Had Great Conversations

New products are great, but the real reason for us attending the show is to meet our customers and audience. We had around 500 booth visitors, some of them old familiar faces and some of them new who were interested in what we had to offer.

We were able to show off our new products, discuss our company’s plant health care offerings, answer questions about our revamped Early Order Program for 2024, and introduce new people to the tree injection technology that makes use stand out.

TCI 2023 event photo 43

Success at Our Live Podcast

One of the highlights of the show for us was Joe and Korey’s live episode of Discovering Forestry. Held at the venue’s main stage, Joe and Korey spoke for an hour to an audience of 132 arborists about how to get into plant health care, covering particulars like what plant health care is, how to get started, and how to get over barriers to entry.

They also took questions from the audience on a range of topics, like how to price services, what the best initial services are to offer, and how to grow your business.

If you missed the show, look out for the recording coming to Discovering Forestry on your favorite platform soon, or watch it on YouTube.

Joe and Korey, uh, at least in miniature form, reminding visitors about the show
Joe and Korey, uh, at least in miniature form, reminding visitors about the show
The stage for the live show is set!
The stage for the live show is set!
Joe and Korey discussing plant health care issues
Joe and Korey discussing plant health care issues

We Appreciate Our Customers!

Having discussions with customers on the show floor is great, but it can be loud and crowded. We got the chance for longer discussions with some of our top customers and supporters at our Customer Appreciation Event, held at the stunning 360 Rooftop Bar in downtown St. Louis.

With 96 guests in attendance in an inviting atmosphere, we had plenty of opportunities to share good memories and connect with the people who help make our business and industry so great.

This is the second year we’ve held this event, and we plan to keep doing them!

We put a lot of effort into our presence at TCI Expo this year and based on the incredible feedback and reception we received, we think the event attendees agree. We’re going to be at the show in 2024, so mark your calendars and prepare for an even bigger and better event next year.