Growing Your Business With Shortstop 2SC

At first, glance, our paclobutrazol product Shortstop 2SC may just be useful for inhibiting vegetative growth. However, it has numerous effects that not only benefit plants, but can help grow your business!

Shortstop regulates plant growth, but it also produces thicker, waxier leaves, increased fibrous roots, and gives you healthier looking plants. With these secondary effects, we are observing trees with less leaf scorch due to drought, less damage after construction, and an increase in disease suppression.

Ways Shortstop 2SC will help your business:

  • Reduce labor costs – Regulate above ground growth by 25-75% (depending on plant species), which means less time spent shearing and shaping. Your labor will go much further!
  • Less cleanup – Generates less debris, reducing dump and disposal fees and labor.
  • Increase drought resistance – Shortstop 2SC encourages a thicker and waxier leaf, so the leaves won’t dry out and scorch as easily after application.
  • Increase disease suppression – Having a thicker leaf makes it harder for fungi and fruiting bodies to take hold and spread to treated plants.
  • Increase job safety – Reduce the amount of time spent on ladders and with dangerous power tools.
  • Happier customers – Improves appearance and decreases call backs and customer complaints – treated trees and shrubs will maintain the desired look longer.
  • Better appearance – Leaves typically show less signs of chlorosis after treatment.

How Dealing With Chlorosis Can Help Your Business

Chlorosis is caused by a lack of iron and manganese in the soil, which causes foliage to lose its green color and produce less chlorophyll. Oak trees are particularly susceptible. Chlorosis can be bad for your business in several ways. Fixing chlorotic trees is a potentially long and pricey process, and clients will probably be unhappy with a sickly-looking and yellowed tree. Problems may also persist in landscapes with poor soil nutrition, like an island in a parking lot. All in all, a tree health problem you want resolved quickly!

Shortstop is one tool in your kit for dealing with chlorosis. In addition to its growth regulating properties, Shortstop 2SC enhances chlorophyll production and will promote a healthier tree through several secondary effects. While it redirects growth away from the branches, it concurrently enhances fine root hair development. These new fine roots more effectively capture available iron, manganese, and other micronutrients in the soil, thus aiding in chlorophyll production.

You can give chlorotic trees additional help by using Mn-jet Fe to inject additional iron and manganese into the tree. Using a combination of Mn-jet Fe and Shortstop 2SC will provide you with a successful solution, as you respond to soils which are not favorable for optimal tree growth. In just a few months, the combination of Shortstop and Mn-jet Fe can turn around even the most yellowed and chlorotic tree. Adding NutriRoot 2-2-3 to the soil will also provide additional nutrients that the enhanced roots will more readily absorb to help the tree recover from chlorosis.

Using Shortstop 2SC not only increase business productivity by lowering labor costs, but can also help treat problematic chlorosis by dealing with the problem at its root. Shortstop 2SC provides numerous benefits to your business, so make sure you invest today.