Chlorosis in trees has several causes. Typically, these chlorotic trees lack chlorophyll, due to a micro-nutrient deficiency which disrupts normal tree physiology. Micronutrients are the elements needed in small quantities, but without which trees can’t grow properly.

One application made in Ocotber 2015. Tree is growing in an O-Reilly’s parking lot in Dallas, no irrigation. 

Mn-jet Fe is a balanced source of several micro-nutrients, which directly alleviate chlorosis by supplying them through trunk injection. Using Mn-jet Fe will increase chlorophyll production for up to three growing seasons, will improve tree vitality, and enhance the natural green color, thus restoring the aesthetic qualities of shade trees.

We have found that a combination of our soil applied growth regulator, Shortstop 2SC, and our trunk-injected micronutrient formulation, Mn-jet Fe, will work together to improve nutrient availability and several key tree functions.

3 years green up from first application. Three was much improved in 2016 through 2018 from just one application.

Treated again in Fall of 2018 with 15mL of Mn-jet Fe and Shortstop 2SC. 

In addition to its growth regulating properties, Shortstop 2SC enhances chlorophyll production and will promote a healthier tree through several secondary effects. While it redirects growth away from the shoots, it concurrently enhances fine root hair development. These new fine roots more effectively capture available Iron, Manganese, and other micronutrients in the soil, thus aiding in chlorophyll production. These new root-hairs increase protection against drought stress, while Shortstop 2SC also limits water loss through leaf stomata.

Using a combination of Mn-jet Fe and Shortstop 2SC will provide you with a successful solution, as you respond to soils which are not favorable for optimal tree growth.