An Opportunity To Make a Difference

Arborjet is committed to our local communities. As far we’re concerned,  we have an obligation to find solutions to help support our urban forests.

Every once in a while, we get an opportunity to make a real difference that has the potential to impact an entire community. That opportunity was granted to us this week by a grade school named Sycamore School in the City of Claremont, CA. Please allow me to share…

A scary incident occurred in the small quad area of this little elementary school where several large Sycamore trees line the edges and provide a shady canopy for the kids to enjoy throughout their school day. One afternoon, as some of the children were out sitting around the quad a large limb came crashing down throwing dust and dirt in the air as it landed. Thankfully, nobody was injured, but it was definitely cause for alarm.

Though, not determined to be the cause of the limb failure, they discovered that their trees were under the attack of an invasive pest known as Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB). This pest is known to have caused significant damage, and in many cases death, to hundreds of thousands of trees throughout several counties in southern California. Upon verification of this pest being present in the trees at the school, they started to reach out and find out what they could do to protect them. That is how they found us. When they explained their situation to us, we were all to happy to help. We asked them to allow us to adopt their trees and donate a research driven solution of treatment.

For several years now, Arborjet has led the way on multiple research trials with different products to find common sense solutions for treatment and prevention of this pest, and time after time, have proven that TREE-age®  is the longest lasting and most effective treatment option available today. There are several other Emamectin Benzoate products that are available as trunk injection, but none have been researched and proven to be as effective as TREE-age. TREE-age has been widely requested by many municipalities who have seen the results of this product all across the country for wood boring insects and continue to use it today.

So, on April 2nd, 2019 we put on our working gear and pulled up our boot straps and donated the treatment of 21 large sycamore trees that are scattered throughout the school. It makes us feel good that we are able to provide them with such a sound solution and they can rest assured that their trees are now protected for the next 2 years. So, thank you Sycamore School for your faith in our products and treatments. It was a pleasure to help. We would also like to thank the City of Claremont for referring us to the school, as they have seen firsthand the positive results of using TREE-age in their trees throughout the city.

Don’t be fooled by the imitations! Review the facts! Read the labels! Know your products and the company that stands behind them! Hopefully it is as important to you, as it is to us, to provide the best possible solutions when it comes to protecting our trees.

-Team Arborjet