Why Use AccuFlo?
• Saves time and money by eliminating waste and guesswork
• Allows for multiple treatments made quickly and easily on different types and sizes of plants
• Can be used to precisely apply fertilizers, moisture management solutions, plant growth regulators, or water soluble insecticides or fungicides

Arborjet’s initiative starts with identifying the job to be done. “Knowing how much you’re spraying or drenching can be difficult. We don’t rush to modify a widget or blindly follow a request for something longer, shorter, heavier or lighter. We focus on the job the customer is trying to accomplish. That’s what led to longer lasting injection formulations and to the tremendous success of the QUIK-jet AIR,” says Russ Davis, Arborjet President and COO. The new AccuFlo is another move in that direction.

Easy to use, and offering consistent, repeatable results, the AccuFlo represents a shift in the way we apply liquid nutrients, insecticides, and fungicides in the landscape.

The AccuFlo Flow Rate Meter does all the calculations for you, making it easier than ever to get professional results without spending pro money. The job isn’t to provide a flow meter to measure the flow of a particular spray tank. The job is to be able to apply the proper dose from any spray tank at a reasonable price. This is where the AccuFlo replaces the need for flow meters that cost hundreds of dollars more, and are 10 times heavier. These flow meters often require a power source and have many moving parts that can gum up or clog.

Made from 3D printed carbon fiber, AccuFlo is durable, but so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

The CP 110 material is a Carbon Fiber material specified by Celero Partners. The body and cover are lightweight, but tough. The electronic control system in the AccuFlo can adapt and be calibrated to most spray tanks. The entire product weighs only ounces and runs on a watch battery with a Micro USB charger. Additionally, because we don’t run the fluid through the device, there are no parts to gum up or wear out.

How does the AccuFlo work?

The AccuFlo Velcros to any wrist or mechanical part of your spray system. It calibrates to your flow and liquid viscosity in seconds. When in Calibration mode, the applicator simply dispenses a known amount into a graduated cylinder. The AccuFlo converts that dispense time into flow and now you are ready to go. Next, you just arrow up or down to select the amount to dispense and the AccuFlo will sound when you have reached your intended application amount. It will also remember that flow rate until you change it.

The AccuFlo works best on constant flow rate devices, so we recommend a battery pack sprayer for best results. Watch a video demonstration  or find out more at