5 Trees We Love Across the Country

Trees We Love

Last week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we shared the story of one tree we love each day of the week. In case you missed it, we rounded our five picks for you below. Do you have a favorite tree? Share with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


1. The Champion White Ash in New JerseyTrees We Love 1

When we set out to treat the white ash state champion of New Jersey, we were in for a nice surprise. It turned out the ash is actually the largest in the country! The ash measures in at 21 feet and 3 inches circumference, 115 feet height, and 111 feet crown. We partnered with Princeton Tree Care and used our FSeries TREE I.V. micro-infusion system to get the job done.


2. Buffalo’s Oldest Sycamore TreeTrees We Love 2

Buffalo’s Oldest Sycamore Tree: Along with Site One and Draves Tree Service, we treated Buffalo, New York’s oldest sycamore tree to protect it against anthracnose. This tree is well over 250 years old and measures in at 77 inches DBH. We were delighted to donate this treatment because with such an old tree, treatment is necessary to reduce the impact of anthracnose, and to assure the tree remains healthy for generations to come.


3. The Largest Ash Tree in North America

The Largest Ash Tree in North America: Over a decade ago, our Joe Aiken partnered with us to adopt the largest ash tree in North America. It is 88 inches in diameter, and we’ve been treating it every other year for over 10 years with IMA-jet and TREE-äge to protect it from pests and diseases. This gargantuan tree is located on a private residence and is near and dear to the community’s heart … as it has become to ours!


4. The Giant Sequoias in California
Trees We Love 4

The Giant Sequoias in California: Our Joe Aiken and team members from Bartlett and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive embarked on the trip of their lifetime when they set out to help propagate California’s incredible sequoia trees. The team traveled 8000 feet up to select samples, using special tools and techniques to set lines in these giant trees. It was an incredible experience, and we were so proud to generate awareness of this natural wonder!


5. The Hawaiian “Ohana” Banyan
Trees We Love 5

The Hawaiian “Ohana” Banyan: This beautiful banyan tree was planted nearly a century ago by the Hawaiian Ohana (family) representing their attachment to the Aina (land). It has a DBH of 150 inches and a canopy spread of nearly 145 feet. Our Sye Vasquez treated this tree with TREE-äge to protect it from Gall Wasp. We love the story behind this image and are honored to help this sacred Banyan stand tall!