Arborjet Wins ASM’s 2017 Corporate Award for Philanthropic Success

ASM Corporate Award

Here at Arborjet, we believe corporate support is the life blood to a strong industry future. That’s why an essential part of our job is giving back to our community through philanthropic initiatives, education, scholarships, and more. We were recently selected by the Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM), the Michigan chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), as the winner of their annual Corporate Award. Each year, the ASM honors one business that provides support to the arboriculture industry by sponsoring meetings and workshops and providing volunteers and services for arboriculture projects.

It’s a particular honor to receive the ASM’s 2017 award after such a resoundingly successful year – one that’s only halfway over! During the past months, our employees have worked hard to volunteer on an individual level, supporting Arborjet’s overarching financial donations to the industry. Many of these volunteer efforts did not directly impact our company financially. It was simply important to our employees to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of arborists and horticulturalists.

Education is one area our employees have excelled in. Beyond our traditional pest control education, we’ve provided resources for classes on tree identification, climbing, and even chainsaw and worker safety. Whether it’s our Taking Roots scholarship, which awards students who plan to pursue a career in arboriculture or a related field, or our commitment to industry groups like ISA and the Tree Fund, we take pride in supporting our community from the ground up.

A big thanks to the ASM for recognizing Arborjet this year, and a giant collective congratulations to all our fantastic employees for earning this honor. We’re proud of our team for continuing to grow both our company and our community, and we look forward to seeing what the second half of 2017 has in store!