In Celebration of Trees – Arbor Day 2017

By Mark Griffith, Arborjet Product Marketing Manager

Today is Arbor Day, a day to remind ourselves and each other about the importance of trees. The origins of Arbor Day date back to 1854 in Nebraska, when pioneer and newspaper editor Julius Sterling Morton used his paper to share his love for trees, and their importance to fellow pioneers. As a result of his effort, thousands of trees were planted in Nebraska and across the Midwest, and by 1920 more than 45 states had added Arbor Day to their calendars, carrying Morton’s message for years to come.

Trees have long been important to humans, and beyond the practical benefits of wood, fruit, medicinal roots, and shade, they’ve had a strong spiritual significance in many cultures as well. Trees have a unique way of capturing the imagination, and it’s not hard to see why. While we move around the Earth, the tree remains in its place, steadfast, quietly observing as generations come and go beneath its branches. No matter your beliefs, and no matter how you feel about the impact of nature and the environment on our lives, the ability to show compassion towards the living things that we share this planet with makes us better people, individually and as a community.

Most holidays commemorate something from the past, offering us a time to remember a significant historical event or person. Arbor Day reflects our hopes for the future. Our hope that the tree planted on this Arbor Day will grow and someday provide food, lumber, wildlife habitat, shelter from the wind, or inspiration for ourselves and children.

So today, while we run around in our busy lives, going from place to place, stop and think of the trees, standing tall and watching over us. Today let’s celebrate these beautiful, diverse, and life supporting creatures that give us hope for the future, and show us that life is worth so much.

Happy Arborday, from your friends at Arborjet.