Introducing TREE-äge G4


Arborjet’s TREE-äge® is the name you trust, has always delivered results you can count on. Developed in the USA, TREE-äge G4® general use pesticide provides for two-year control of listed insect & mite pests in deciduous, coniferous and Palm trees.

The New Generation of TREE-äge

Leah Hancock, Arborjet’s Product Marketing Manager, shared a few words about the new formula.  “TREE-äge G4 is a general use pesticide, in contrast with the original TREE-äge which is a restricted use pesticide. The benefit of having a general use pesticide is that you don’t need a specialized license in most states to purchase and apply. With a restricted use pesticide you need further licensing to purchase and apply the product. This opens up the potential for new applicators to buy TREE-äge.

“TREE-äge G4 also has faster uptake because it has been reformulated and retooled a bit. They are both 4% Emamectin Benzoate and their labels very similar. The G4 master label includes everything that is on the TREE-äge label and the TREE-äge 2(ee) so many of the applications are virtually identical.

“TREE-äge has been on the market for ten years and has been used in municipalities across the country. It is well liked and respected for saving millions of trees from emerald ash borer, pine bark beetle and a host of other pests. The G4 offers the same benefits as TREE-äge and is an exciting addition to our product line.”

Treat & Control

Use TREE-äge G4 injectable insecticide to treat and control seed and cone pests such as coneworm, cone beetle, and pine cone seed bug. Bud and leaf pests such as tent caterpillars, gypsy moth, mimosa webworm, oak worm, tussock moth and leafminers. Shoot, stem, trunk and branch pests including carpenterworm, flat-headed borers including adult and larvae of emerald ash borer, gall wasps and roundheaded borers (excluding Asian Longhorned Beetle).

Learn More

Do you want to stop emerald ash borer, pine bark beetles, leaf chewing caterpillars, mites, and more? Find more information about TREE-äge G4 at or contact us.