Opening Day at New England Grows with Sean Facey

Main Blog Image 2Yesterday, the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center was packed with enthusiastic and inquisitive attendees for this year’s second New England Grows. Arborjet’s New England Regional Technical Manager, Sean Facey, discussed his impressions of this week’s exciting show.

This Year’s Second Show

“This is probably the biggest green industry show in this area” said Mr. Facey. “I mean it’s New England Grows! This year is a bit unique since they changed the dates. Typically this show occurs in February, so this is actually the second New England Grows in 2015.  I’ve been told they have moved the dates due to weather issues hurting attendance. So moving it up to December is perfect for this type of premier green show. Anyone that wants to see what is new and exciting in the industry is probably going to be swinging by.”

Huge Interest in the Horticulture Line

Ladies at showRegarding the horticulture line, Mr. Facey continued, “We have had a surprising amount of interest considering that most of the people that are attending are landscapers. There has been a lot of interest in both organics and horticultural products. Organics are certainly an area that is going to be growing and we are preparing products like our ARBORCHAR™ which has many  applications for green verticals. It’s a material that has been around for long time and is now being rediscovered. People have been becoming more aware of a lot of diverse soil issues. The char is something that is going to help stabilize and rebuild our soils to get them back to what they should be. This is a product that people have had a lot of interest in and we will most certainly be growing that line.

Trunk Injection Enthusiasm

DSC_0013[1]I have found that the larger percent of people here are landscapers, not necessarily on the tree care side. It’s not a hard line between the two, but there is a small division. Landscapers tend to focus more on the turf and shrubs and can tend to shy a little bit away from the trees. This may be because they don’t have the knowledge of the different tree issues; however, landscapers are starting to see the opportunity. Why would you want to sub that work out to an arborist or let some other company onto the property to do that work? Many landscapers are seeing the opportunity to take care of trees as well as the other green growing things on the property. This is probably this biggest growing segment of our customer base.

New Products, New Solutions and Solid Relationships

Certainly there is no place else that you can go to see essentially everything that is going on in the green industry in New England. It’s great to see new products, new solutions to problems, and to price things out. Meeting the people behind the products is important too. If you are buying products from a local company here in New England, you want to have a relationship with those people. Getting to meet the people behind the company is a unique opportunity and something that you can’t do online.”

Do you have questions about Arborjet products? Contact us! We are always happy to hear from you and we hope to see you this week at New England Grows!