Indoor Gardening Expo, Boston 2015 Wrap-Up with Kristin Nikodemski


Earlier this week, Kristin Nikodemski, Arborjet’s Product Marketing Manager, shared her impressions of the recent Indoor Gardening Expo in Boston, Massachusetts.

Accessible Results

“The show was nicely attended. There were a lot of people that came in with excellent questions that were really interested in what we had to offer.

We had some plant material on display that was helpful in showcasing how our products work. A nice feature about AzaSol™, for instance, is that it doesn’t have any oily residue. We were able to demonstrate that difference by showcasing two plants: one that had been sprayed with AzaSol and another that had been sprayed with a traditional, oil-based Neem product. We also had some plants that we grew with ArborChar All-Purpose Grow that looked fantastic. We brought one of the plants that didn’t have any of the char applied to it and you can really see the difference between the two plants.

Informative New Displays

Booth image

We were also able to unveil our two new displays that are now available to the market. One is the Botanical Control Display and the other is the Fertilizer and Water Management Display. We were happy to be able to showcase these to the retailers as another offering.

Photo Booth Fun


I really haven’t seen photo booths at shows before, so it was fun to see some people that were hesitant take part and strike a pose. Everyone got their own print-out with four photos that they could also upload to social media or email a copy to themselves. We were pleased to have so many pictures from the show. Check them out on our Facebook page.

Overall, there was great attendance including a few local stores that carry our products that stopped by to give us support and vice versa.”

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