Late-Season Treatments Protect Trees


After a long winter, the influx of business combined with unpredictable spring weather can sometimes prove to be challenging for even veterans in tree care. This year, consider shifting some of your business to fall treatments, rather than waiting to start your plant health care program in the spring. Spreading out treatments will save time, money, and the headaches of over-scheduling while providing excellent control of tree pests and diseases.

Especially Effective Timing

Late-season treatments are especially effective for various borers, chlorosis and other nutrient deficiencies, and many types of leaf diseases. Issues like apple scab, anthracnose, flat-headed borers, pine bark beetles, and chlorosis all benefit from a late-season treatment so that the formulation has time to properly spread through tree tissue. Rather than treating the tree in the same time-frame as when the pest is most active and risk missing the effective window, fall treatments allow the tree to efficiently transport systemic products throughout the vascular tissue for optimal performance.

Promote Fall Injections for Emerald Ash Borer & Foliar Chlorosis

Injections in the fall can protect the tree now and in the following season. Emerald Ash Borer larvae are feeding now and severely damaging the vascular tissue, however this damage won’t exhibit symptoms until next year. Proactive treatment with TREE-äge® Insecticide is a particularly important weapon against EAB larvae.
For foliar chlorosis, the best time to treat is in the fall, following leaf coloration for foliage responses in the following growing season.

Schedule Fall Treatments Now

Now is the time to consider late-season treatments, before leaves start to change colors. The treatment will be in place when the pests are most active in the spring, providing effective control. Fall treatments allow the applicator to spread out the cost of doing business while extending the profitable season.

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