EAB & Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Last month, the City of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin confirmed it’s first ash tree infested by the Emerald Ash Borer. A large number of public and private trees within the Fond du Lac community are ash trees. The city has been preemptively removing ash trees for years to prepare for the inevitable infestation. Now that EAB has officially arrived, the city has enacted a multi-faceted approach to addressing the problem.

Treatment with TREE-äge®

The plan calls for the city to chemically treat as many ash trees with TREE-äge® Insecticide as fiscally possible. The city is extending municipal treatment pricing to all citizens interested in protecting public or private ash trees at their homes or businesses.

Removal & Wood Waste

For the trees that will not be treated, the plan involves the continued removal of as many selected ash trees as the budget and available city crews will allow. A marshaling yard is also being created to handle the additional wood waste that the EAB infestation will generate.

Replace & Protect

Fond du Lac will plant as many replacement trees as the budget allows for and continue to remind its residents of the firewood quarantine restrictions. These combined efforts will help assure that the area’s tree population will shade its residents for years to come.


Fond du Lac residents may contact the City Arborist at (920) 322-3594 with questions or to find out more about treating their ash trees.

Contact us if you have questions about EAB or if you would like to contact a service provider.


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